Do you already know landr? That´s an amazing software for immediate sound mastering. Exactly, it is an instant-online-audio-mastering-software for home recording. It’s easy to use – you just drag and drop your mix into the app and then – voilá! A new hit is born.

An algorithm is responsible for correct and accurate mastering. Mastering means that the ready-made song is polished e.g. its basses are worked over or the song as a whole is transferred into a different tone pitch.

Mostly I prefer doing this process in a good mastering studio with an experienced engineer. But sometimes if the budget is very limited or it has to be done instantly, I learned to trust this app. are two versions of the fantastic “Wonderful World”.
What do you think is the better one, the unmastered or the mastered version?

The un-mastered mixdown

...and here mastered with landr

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