S.E.T.I. comes this track, written by Marc Staub with lead vocals by Eddy Burns.

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NEW SONG: Watching The Universe

Our Sun belongs to a galaxy called the Milky Way. Astronomers estimate there are about 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone. Simply take a look at night and imagine how many of those dots bear civilized life.

Back in 2006 (!) Marc Staub approached me with two nice demo tracks. I immediately realized these layouts were a perfect match and I merged them to one new track in an arrangement which actually stayed the same until the final recording stages.
Not knowing that I was working on the S.E.T.I. project, Marc had this line "watching the universe" in one part. I instantly decided that this would be the first song on the record, and (besides from the instrumental intro "Signs Of LIfe") eventually it went that way.

Affter we leaid down the basic tracks we looked out for the right singer and found with Eddy Burns the ultimate voice for this song. I still love this tune, especially the fade out with the extended saxophone solo from Gregor Bürger.

Bass guitar by Alex Klier and Guitars by Christoph Schultheiß.


If you want to know
If something’s out there, you don’t know
You have to go out at night
The star field is bright
It tells you many things about us
About them, about the universe
To everyone
Visible to everyone

Tonight, watching the universe

Two Billion stars above me
Some million galaxies
It took some thousands of light years
To bring down what we see

You, you care for me
You liberators, please surround me
You, you care for me
You liberators, please surround my world
Far from a star
Into our blue, blue world


One pocket of light in the darkness
The gift of being alive
This can’t be some coincidence
Mankind will thrive

Still, you care for me
You liberators
Now surrounding


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