NEW SONG: Everlasting Love

Our song today is a work which exists by now in three versions. There is the original CD-version from 2010, the revised version and a remix by Marc Staub.

The lyrics are from Daniel Dressler und Spif Anderson, the singing from Margit Silay.

The sound is based on the Pet Shop Boys. You can hear the orientation on 80ies Hi-NRG sound.

What us inspired to do this song was the dystopy „1984“ from George Orwell. The verses show the plot, the refrain deals with the „everlasting“love from the main character Winston Smith with his adored Julia. The theme of “1984” was a good snap shoot, we got a good flow to write it relatively fast.

We don’t speak about the political aspects of “1984” which is very interesting, too. But the song is only about the short snapshot of love between Winston and Julia.

In the book the protagonists speak „Newspeak“ – a new kind of English where the vocabulary is restricted to limit the freedom of speech and of thinking. We incorporated that in our song and so you may find strange language constructs in it.

Just have a look at it... respectively listen to it!

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