NEW SONG: The Prisoner

Today I want to show you my song “The Prisoner”. I produced it with my synth-band “Suicide Booth” some years ago but the topic is more relevant than ever. As we always do with Suicide Booth, we were inspired by fictional stuff, in this case by the 60ies TV series “The Prisoner”. The song text consists only of the opening sequence with which every episode began. The sound is classical Hi NRG. It was sung by Spif Anderson (as "Number 2") and Patrick Ganster (as "Number 6").

In the series a former British intelligence agent is being held prisoner and interrogated in a mysterious place called “the village”. The agent is only a “number”, he has no name. In the interrogations it becomes clear that the interrogator, whose actor-embodiment changes in every episode, wants to find out why he left the secret service. In return the former agent (called “number 6”) wants to identify who is “number 1” (the interrogator is used to be called as “number 2”).

The TV show deals with the theme individualism (for which the agent stands) vs. collectivism (expressed by the interrogator). That’s what we wanted to capture. Another topic of this series – and also of our song – is powerlessness. The ex-agent tries to get away from this place what always fails. The song is a dialogue between a human searching for freedom and his counterpart, an anonymous “data collector”. To express the intention of the latter, we put a threat in his voice by electronical distorton (via Vocoder) which says everything about the character.


And now the key sequence:

Where am I?

"In the Village"

What do you want?


Who are you?

“The new Number Two"

Who is Number One?

"You are Number Six"


I am not a number — I am a free man

“We want information”


What side you're on

“I'm on my side”

I will not be pushed

“Are you going to run”

I will not be filed

“You´ll be shaped to fit”

My life is my own

“Be seeing you”


No Man Is Just A Number— I am a free man

“We want information”

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