Project "Re-Interpretation"

Do you know that, too? As you look at your earlier work, are quite satisfied with what you have delivered – but something is still missing, is not quite perfect… the finishing touches.

Back then, when I was making my "masterpiece", some techniques were unknown to me or I did not see the artistic need. Of course, my taste and my style have evolved. Now, with even more musical practical knowledge, I have the claim to polish up my "old stuff". To beautify them, to give them the finishing touch. So that they meet my today's higher standards.

I think most artists don’t do that but instead turn to other projects and new songs. I too will work on new songs again, I promise – however, I would like to make the older pieces so that I really like them, that I can say, that's the way it fits, so the songs are quite right.

And shall I tell you something? I really enjoy turning to the older songs again. After all, there is a lot of my life in there. There are old, almost forgotten memories of the time, the themes that moved me, the people who accompanied me (also musically).