NEW SONG: Generation64 (english version)

What’s taupe and looks like a bread box?

Right, that’s the Commodore 64. The song we present today is a reminiscence to the 80ies and to the C64.

That’s our contribution to celebrate the 80ies and the progress of computer technology! Especially we wanna remember that the C64 was one of the first personal computers which connected a high power (for the time) to affordable costs. So the computer age was heralded by the C64. We don’t have to tell you what that meant for the future – nowadays almost everyone possesses one (or a similar product).

This work is influenced by the sound of the 80ies. Because only this fits the topic.

Additionally, the C64 had a sound chip. We created this song with exactly that (except for the drums, but the rest was made completely with the sound chip)! The song was written by Marc Staub, arranged by Spif Anderson and sung by Carina Chere.

By the way, Marc and Spif still own an original C64!

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