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Projects: Suicide Booth

By now I have a few band projects. I want to introduce them all to you so you know what I’m doing.

One of my most important projects is my band “Suicide Booth”. The DJ Stefan Fenzel and I founded it in April 2007. He was complaining about the fact that the electronic music of the early 80ties wasn’t alive anymore. He meant music in the style of OMD and the italo-disco. I had to agree with him. So we founded quickly our own retro-synthie-pop-band which is inspired by science-fiction, comics and b-movies. Our sound is build up of synth-pop, electronica and new wave. The name “Suicide Booth” – in German “Selbstmordzelle” – is based upon the American science-fiction-television show “Futurama”. :-)

There I’ll let it out whenever I feel like synthesizer. Then the drums and guitars have a break (as much as I love them otherwise). The secret of our band is that we, in contrast to many other retro-bands, concentrate very much on song writing.

There followed a time that I like to think back to. In the same year we released at the Berlin label “das drehmoment” the vinyl-EP “Aura 12” with five tracks. One year later arrived at “Danse Macabre” our debut CD “Terror From the Sky“ with 14 Tracks. It reached third place at “Deutsche Alternative Charts” (DAC), the German alternative charts. Bit by bit we emerged in the Black Scene. Stefan left the band in 2009 because of artistic differences. In the same year Suicide Booth arised as support for Kirlian Camera at the ELekTroShokK-festival in the live factory in Adelsheim. In exchange for Stefan, the musician, music journalist and radio host Daniel Dreßler joined the band. In 2010 we released at “First & Only Records“ the second and until now last album with the title “We Are the Future“ with twelve tracks. In the same year Marc Staub joined in the band after Daniel Dreßler had left the project.

By the way, we don’t work with real synthesizers but we use instead of the virtual versions of the equipment. These then have no technical shortcomings which makes working a lot easier. Because it used to be often difficult to network everything technically. The virtual devices, however, just work. So you have your head free for creativity and you can concentrate fully on the music. And that's what it's all about in the end, right?

Music created with view to the time, retro-music, sounds different than if it had been written back then, because in their time one had looked again at another time.

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